Rules and schedule CLP

There will be eight teams. Games will take place from Friday to Sunday (included).
This tournament is a “hat” tournament: individual registration. Team will be randomly picked on Friday.
Specific rules of the tournament

  • Hat tournament
  • Coed teams (depending on how many women/men attending)
  • No time-out
  • Points attribution:
    4 players on the field : point = 1
    3 players on the field : point = 2
    2 players on the field : point = 3
  • The number of players on the field is choosen by the offense. The offense team can choose for each game: 2 times maximum 2 players and 2 times maximum 3 players
  • If you score from your own hand-zone, points are multiplied by 2.
  • Bonus: all points can be additionned: by instance you score from your hand zone with a 2 players team –> points = 6
  • For pool games, there is no point for victory. Goalaverage is the only way to get points.

General schedule

Friday Games start: 6pm
Saturday Pool A games: 9:30am to 12:30pm
Pool B Games: 2:30pm to 5:30pm
Sunday Ranking games: 12:00am to 2:30pm

Detailed schedule

Thursday morning/afternoon Player arrival
Leisure center
« chalet » Lodging discovery
Thursday 6pm Check-in & Welcome Party and setting up in the flats
Friday Ski/Snowboard/Leisure Center (usual name for swimming-pool, spa,… center)
Friday 6pm French « Apéritif » – welcome drink at the Leisure Center (provided by Vaujany town)
team picking hat
Friday 6pm First game – opening ceremony
Friday 8pm Typical mountain dinner and party
Saturday morning Ski/Snowboard/pool and spa
Ski/snowboard race for pool A / Ultimate for pool B
Saturday afternoon Ski/Snowboard/pool and spa
Ski/snowboard race for pool B / Ultimate for pool A
Saturday 6pm Games on ice rink
Saturday 8pm Dinner and Party
Sunday morning Ski
Sunday afternoon Ultimate
Sunday 2:30pm Final game
Sunday 3:15pm Prize ceremony