Results 2018

  1. Shiny Happy Meeple (winner : greencard for the next edition)
  2. Dark Side of the Spoon
  3. Razmoket
  4. Mixtix (DJ contest winner)
  5. Les Zoulettes
  6. Meetik Silver (Krash Monkey Floo winner)
  7. Royal Canadian Goaltimate Society
  8. Fat Hat Cats
  9. Tutti Frutti (Spirit Of The Game winner : greencard the next edition)
  10. Team Charrette
  11. Conconfisteurs
  12. OUF
  13. New School Friselis
  14. Cagoles et Cie (Surprise Race winner)
  15. L’Est D
  16. LFDARA (Clémentine Monkey Floo winner)
  17. Monkey
  18. Huck me [Deep] I’m famous
  19. Hijack
  20. Glory Owls

Lost & found

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